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The importance of Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Be specific when developing your local search engine optimization strategy

Local Seo is a cost effective online marketing solution for small bricks-and-mortar businesses that supply a specific locality.  It is often unrealistic to rank high in search engine results for certain queries. An example of this would be a Chinese take away in Morley Leeds. Imagine how much work it would take for this to show up on page one of google for the search  “Chinese Takeaway”.

Just think about how many how many Chinese takeaways are in the UK and if they are all trying to rank for same “Chinese Takeaway” keyword then the large chains with hundreds of locations will probably win out.

It would not even be a sensible idea to devote huge resources for a local business to try and rank highly for a generic keyword. Potentially 99% of people searching for “Chinese Takeaway” would be in other areas, so they wouldn’t even be interested in a takeaway restaurant in Leeds let alone Morley.

So instead of trying to get “Chinese Takeaway” ranked highly we would recommend that it would be cost effective and more beneficial for the business to try to rank for phrases like “Morley Chinese Takeaways” or “Leeds Chinese Takeaways” and “ Best Chinese Takeaway in Leeds”  You must also remember that people searching on line are looking for information in order to make an informed purchase and 97% of consumers using search engines are looking for local businesses and 67% of all searches are for a specific location and that is why local search engine optimization is so important for small local business owners.

Some local SEO ranking factors:

  • Associate your website with the business’s Google+ Local page showing

–       Name and logo
–       Details on the Owner / Founder
–       Information about the shop and its products or menu etc
–       Main office address and the year the shop was established
–       Summary of recent google plus posts

  • The proximity of the business’s location to the centre of the locality, as determined by Google
  • Domain authority of the business’s website
  • The number of references to the business in online directories
  • The number of reviews of the business on Google+ Local


For affordable local SEO marketing solutions call us today and we will be glad to advise you on the best way forward to cost effective visibility.



This impossible to say as every business in unique and the cost depends upon the competition on the search engines  some keywords and phrases require a lot more work than others depending upon your locality and industry, however our charges start at £150 per month for 5 keywords and £20 per keyword phrase thereafter.


We aim to get a high ranking within 10 weeks however this depends upon the quality of your website as google punishes websites if they have duplicate content, but don’t worry we will check all this for you.



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