Who needs a FREE SEO audit?

Any business owner with a website who has an eye on the future. Digital marketing is only going to get more important. Your website is your shop window and people will always look at your website before engaging with you personally. So what does your website say about your business? New customers search on the internet as their first choice, not too many years ago it used to be the yellow pages and most businesses had to pay a small fortune to be included. The search engines are no different to that except that to be viewed more often you need your website optimising. Your website will probably be included on the search engines but if it is not on the first two pages then it is extremely unlikely that customers will find you.

SEO Audit

Our report will look at the twenty most important aspects that affect the way search engines see your website and we will identify any area of your on page optimisation that needs improvement.

Web Design Review

We will also look at your website as a whole and give you feedback also indication any improvements that you can make, such as broken links, none responsive designs, user experience etc.


If you have any questions about our report we are always on hand to answer any questions.


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