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Let’s give your business a boost with a modern up to date website? Where ever you are in the world let’s get the internet working for you! Start your online marketing today!


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Here are two things to consider:

The First

It doesn’t matter how attractive your website looks or how engaging it is, if no one can find it!

Many businesses have a website and then do nothing to promote it and then wonder why no one visits it, or why sales have not improved. Share it with the world and let everyone know about your products and services. Invest in your business and reap the rewards

The Second

Even on the internet you don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression! 

A website is the modern day shop window and there is no point having your website highly visible on the search engines if it is badly designed, out of date or not compatible with modern browsing devices. We can re-design it to today’s standards and of course if you don’t have a website then we can build one for you.



    • Let us design you an eye catching website that engages with your customers on every level.
    • We will showcase your products and services in the best possible way.
    • We will create an affordable and reliable marketing system that produce a constant stream of customers and prospects to your site.
    • We are specialists in local search engine optimisation no matter which town or city your business is located in.
    • Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering you a complete Search Engine Optimization solution with a measurable return on investment.
    • Search engines are closely monitored so that we can build relevant content to deliver exactly what the engines are looking. 


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Google Digital Garage Leeds

The Digital Garage by Google Comes To Leeds

The digital garage by google

Leeds gears up to be the most digitally aware city in the world, maybe with the exception of silicon valley. If Leeds wasn’t on the digital map last week then it sure is now as Google Digital Garage open up on 30th March. This multi Million pound experiment is not just a tax dodge or a publicity stunt but a genuine attempt to jump start local SME’s digital awareness and understanding. According to Eileen Naughton, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland an astounding 70% of local businesses have an ineffective digital presence of marketing.

Since the launch of Google Digital Garage at the Dock by the Royal Armouries yesterday I have considered the frightening future for some of the businesses who prefer to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to embracing online marketing, websites and search engine optimization.

For those of us who can remember advertising our businesses in the news papers where this was the only real method to connect with customers the digital revolution is co much easier and in reality so much cheaper. With so many social media sites available and most available for free the cost to set up a fan page or a profile costs nothing. But you don’t have to listen to me preach about all the positives you can now get all the information direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  Some one asked me recently  if I could live with out the internet and of course i said no but it also goes deeper than this as I would find it almost impossible to live with out google who seem to bring it all together in such an easy and user friendly way.

My son and daughter can not remember a time with out the internet and the thought of being disconnected is almost too frightening for them to comprehend, and this is not uncommon amongst most 20 something year olds.

It was only in 1995 that the last restriction preventing commercial traffic was removed which allowed the internet to be officially born. So this year we celebrate the 20 birthday of the internet with more people accessing information via mobile devices than computers, a far cry from my days at university when the computer was actually housed in a building

So why did Google decide to start their digital garage in the UK. This decision should actually not be surprising when you consider the facts found by OFCOM

“The UK’s internet economy is one of the strongest in the world, driven by record online advertising, spending and entertainment consumption, according to data from UK communications regulator. Ofcom finds that the UK has the highest e-commerce spending among the major nations surveyed in today’s research, with consumers paying almost  £2,000 on average online for goods each year. This was significantly higher than the next-highest valued market of Australia (£1,356). Approximately 40 % of all marketing and advertising spend in the UK is online. This is more than any other country analysed. Ofcom also found that the UK has the highest superfast broadband (30 Mbps or faster) coverage among Europe’s five leading economies. Nearly 80 percent of UK homes now have superfast broadband access.”

What is surprising is that 70% of businesses don’t have an effective web presence, especially when you consider that

“the UK has become one of the strongest digital commerce markets worldwide, as B2C ecommerce sales in the UK grew 14.4% to £77.35 billion ($124.76 billion) in 2012, up from £67.60 billion ($109.03 billion) in 2011, and while the UK is a smaller market than the US, China and Japan, consumers in the UK continue to spend more money online, per person, than those in any other country worldwide, according to eMarketer.”

So why do SMEs chose not to move with society the digital trend?

Whether this is due tot he age of the CEO’s of the SME or the effects of the global recession stifling budgets. the answer is probably more complex but with the entrance of Google’s Digital Garage to the region with attitudes change?


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Google is Coming to Leeds

Visit the Google Garage in Leeds

If you have a SME in Leeds and you can remember having the thick yellow pages book under the telephone (a thing where the handset was connected by a wire to plastic base with a circular dial on the front then this is definitely for you.

seo leeds by google


Great News for Leeds today as Google launched its $billion training and awareness concept. The first is in Leeds. Based at the Dock at the Royal Armouries Google will aim their presence at SME’s in the region.

An unbeatable opportunity to be learn from the best.

and get your business online and get your digital footprint firmly planted on the web.

Its first “garage” – a drop-in centre that will advise on building a mobile website, developing e-commerce and optimising internet search rankings – will open in the northern English city of Leeds on March 30 for six months, before moving to the next of five British cities in total

Ed Balls MP for Morley and Shadow Chancellor was in attendance to support the initiative as it was launched by Eileen Naughton, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland who said Google wanted to “jump start” the 70 percent of small businesses still did not have an effective online presence.

Google’s first “garage” – a drop-in centre where you can have a one to one consultation held daily and group seminars once per week that will advise on building a mobile website, developing e-commerce and optimising internet search rankings – The Google garage will open in the northern English city of Leeds on March 30 for six months, before moving to the next of five British cities in total.

An excellent initiative and it’s most welcome to see such a global force putting something back into the educating businesses to help them compete in the digital world. Whilst people can say I will not have a website  or over my dead body it must be remembered that anyone under 20 has not know life with out the computer or the internet. The world is changing and changing fast. If you can’t make the Garage sessions then call us. We would be pleased to meet you at you place of work and offer you a no free obligation digital consultancy.

the digital garage by google

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The Best WordPress Web Designers in Leeds

web design leeds

Just woke up and my brain is busy following yesterday evenings meeting of wordpress Leeds. Some of the best web designers in leeds come together and discuss a whole range of subjects. Tonights presentation was by Sam Miller about designing a theme from scratch. A really great informative presentation pitched at the right level for the audience which ranged from the novice to the expert. Following the presentation, the probing Q & A session with Sam and the obligatory coffee break (with biscuits) we had a general discussion about back ups, useful plugins, bits of code, the value of SEO . It’s a really great event which relocates to the pub afterwards to continue with the passionate discussions.

Details of next months meetings can be found on the presentation will be about content marketing. All are welcome whether you are a blogger front end / back end developer or just passionate about wordpress.

For a free consultation with me about web design or any aspect of digital marketing just pick up the phone and I will arrange an appointment with you.

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