Google Digital Garage Leeds

The Digital Garage by Google Comes To Leeds

The digital garage by google

Leeds gears up to be the most digitally aware city in the world, maybe with the exception of silicon valley. If Leeds wasn’t on the digital map last week then it sure is now as Google Digital Garage open up on 30th March. This multi Million pound experiment is not just a tax dodge or a publicity stunt but a genuine attempt to jump start local SME’s digital awareness and understanding. According to Eileen Naughton, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland an astounding 70% of local businesses have an ineffective digital presence of marketing.

Since the launch of Google Digital Garage at the Dock by the Royal Armouries yesterday I have considered the frightening future for some of the businesses who prefer to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to embracing online marketing, websites and search engine optimization.

For those of us who can remember advertising our businesses in the news papers where this was the only real method to connect with customers the digital revolution is co much easier and in reality so much cheaper. With so many social media sites available and most available for free the cost to set up a fan page or a profile costs nothing. But you don’t have to listen to me preach about all the positives you can now get all the information direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  Some one asked me recently  if I could live with out the internet and of course i said no but it also goes deeper than this as I would find it almost impossible to live with out google who seem to bring it all together in such an easy and user friendly way.

My son and daughter can not remember a time with out the internet and the thought of being disconnected is almost too frightening for them to comprehend, and this is not uncommon amongst most 20 something year olds.

It was only in 1995 that the last restriction preventing commercial traffic was removed which allowed the internet to be officially born. So this year we celebrate the 20 birthday of the internet with more people accessing information via mobile devices than computers, a far cry from my days at university when the computer was actually housed in a building

So why did Google decide to start their digital garage in the UK. This decision should actually not be surprising when you consider the facts found by OFCOM

“The UK’s internet economy is one of the strongest in the world, driven by record online advertising, spending and entertainment consumption, according to data from UK communications regulator. Ofcom finds that the UK has the highest e-commerce spending among the major nations surveyed in today’s research, with consumers paying almost  £2,000 on average online for goods each year. This was significantly higher than the next-highest valued market of Australia (£1,356). Approximately 40 % of all marketing and advertising spend in the UK is online. This is more than any other country analysed. Ofcom also found that the UK has the highest superfast broadband (30 Mbps or faster) coverage among Europe’s five leading economies. Nearly 80 percent of UK homes now have superfast broadband access.”

What is surprising is that 70% of businesses don’t have an effective web presence, especially when you consider that

“the UK has become one of the strongest digital commerce markets worldwide, as B2C ecommerce sales in the UK grew 14.4% to £77.35 billion ($124.76 billion) in 2012, up from £67.60 billion ($109.03 billion) in 2011, and while the UK is a smaller market than the US, China and Japan, consumers in the UK continue to spend more money online, per person, than those in any other country worldwide, according to eMarketer.”

So why do SMEs chose not to move with society the digital trend?

Whether this is due tot he age of the CEO’s of the SME or the effects of the global recession stifling budgets. the answer is probably more complex but with the entrance of Google’s Digital Garage to the region with attitudes change?


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Is SEO too expensive for your business?

is seo too expensive, seo is too expensive

Most people think that SEO is too expensive for their business, but why do people have this misconception about search engine optimisation?

Well, in the day, which sounds as if it eons ago but in terms of website marketing it is only three or four years ago, unscrupulous SEO agencies used to charge a small fortune for their “magic formula” to get people onto the top of google. Today the formula isn’t “magic” and is well documented and you can even do it yourself if you want and if you have enough time and inclination.  So SEO is just like any other service that can be outsourced to agencies like ours.

SEO is an investment 

Like all investments you want to see a return. So when evaluating Search Engine Optimisation as marketing solution you need to look at the economics of your business.

The economics are all about ratios 

Essentially: How many visits to your website result in a sale? and on average how profitable is that sale? 

How many visits to your website result in a sale?

The system flow is Impressions > Visits > Interactions > Sales

Impressions are how many times people see your advert or listing on a search engine

Visits are how many people click on your listing and see your website

Interactions this can be phone calls emails or visits to your physical shop 

Sales are sales 

An example:

If we know that 3000 impressions results in 150 visits to your website and this results in 2 direct sales (without any interactions) and 30 interactions resulting in a further 3 sales then we know all the metrics we need to in order to evaluate any marketing solution.

How profitable is the average sale? 

The second and equally important aspect of this is: What is the lifetime value of that customer ?

So for example if you are a hairdresser or plumber etc and each sale is £70 and the cost of providing the service / goods is half so the  gross profit is £35 on average and if you know that your customer service is good and for each new client you get  a further 4 repeat purchases then the life time value is 5 x 35 = £175 (and of course if you do a good job then people will recommend you to their family and friends).

If using SEO your increased ranking produce an additional 50 visits per day then we know that this will generate an additional 15 customers per month and that the average spend is £35 then the increased gross profit will be (15 x 35) £525 per month. With a life time added value to your business of (15 x 175 = £2625)

The costs of SEO depend upon the number of keywords you want to optimise. The time it takes to see the results depends on how competitive the keyword(s) is and the results depend upon how much traffic search for the keyword terms you have selected. To find out more and how affordable SEO can be send us a message or if you want a FREE SEO audit of your website sed the details to using the form on the right hand side of this page. 

Our next post will be on SEO Results and what affects the outcome.

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Search Engine Optimization can be extremely affordable and can be really effective in driving up sales and brand recognition and should be looked at as an investment in your business.

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