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Let’s give your business a boost with a modern up to date website? Where ever you are in the world let’s get the internet working for you! Start your online marketing today!


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Here are two things to consider:

The First

It doesn’t matter how attractive your website looks or how engaging it is, if no one can find it!

Many businesses have a website and then do nothing to promote it and then wonder why no one visits it, or why sales have not improved. Share it with the world and let everyone know about your products and services. Invest in your business and reap the rewards

The Second

Even on the internet you don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression! 

A website is the modern day shop window and there is no point having your website highly visible on the search engines if it is badly designed, out of date or not compatible with modern browsing devices. We can re-design it to today’s standards and of course if you don’t have a website then we can build one for you.



    • Let us design you an eye catching website that engages with your customers on every level.
    • We will showcase your products and services in the best possible way.
    • We will create an affordable and reliable marketing system that produce a constant stream of customers and prospects to your site.
    • We are specialists in local search engine optimisation no matter which town or city your business is located in.
    • Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering you a complete Search Engine Optimization solution with a measurable return on investment.
    • Search engines are closely monitored so that we can build relevant content to deliver exactly what the engines are looking. 


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Online Marketing

There are many aspects to Online Marketing here are a few popular tools and strategies

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Search Engine Marketing – Place your Advert on search results for your keywords relevant to your service or product. This can be really powerful and productive if you know what keywords you want to concentrate on. and if you don’t then it can be an expensive lesson since Google and Bing Search ads are highly competitive. One strategy is not to bid on competitive keywords but on specific longer phrases or geographies and bid aggressively. This will result in fewer impressions but it will show your advert to the most targeted of searchers when it does. This will result in a higher click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately a higher return on investment.

Social Media

When it comes too social media then it pays to know who your buyers are. if you don’t then you need to find out why they buy from you and what interests they have. if you have a hair salon then your clients might be interested in fashion and make up so you can target your content to accordingly. You also need to know what social media your customers use Linkedin might be very useful if you are a B2B company but if you are retailing to the general public then targeting local people on Facebook and Twitter would be better. Instagram and other photo sharing sites are really good if you have interesting images. If you have videos then Youtube can be amazing.

All these social media platforms have paid advertising as well and you have the ability to target many aspects of your buyers persona. You can’t use all the social media platforms out there so try them out and see which are the best for engaging with people. The golden rule is to share interesting content, advice and tips. paid advertising helps expand your network reach. On Twitter you can target friends of people. So if you are a fashion designer you can promote your tweet to all people who follow Victoria Beckham for example. On Facebook you can target your adverts to people with specific interests and geography.

if you have several social media accounts you need to monitor then Hootsuite maybe just for you, this allows you to schedule posts and tweets in advance. There are many similar tools available but Hootsuite was the first and still has great functionality.


infographic, online marketingA Picture says 1000 words and never has this been more true. They are a great way when you want to explain something with visual aids. Infographics are great to explain your USP’s or competitive advantages, Show everyone how you do what you do and the benefits of your services and products.

Visual images are also easier to understand, imagine how complicated it would be to explain this infographic in words and how many words it would take to accurately describe it and what’s more how many people who started to read it would read it until the end and of those how many readers would fully understand it?

Info graphics make sharing complex information in an easy to understand format that above all is easily sharable on social media or as a paid advert.

Fear of online marketing

Many people are frightened about venturing online because of receiving negative comments. This is an important part of life and until now you never knew if someone was being negative about your business except for the fact they never returned. Now in today’s world of online engagement you know if someone was dissatisfied. How great is that? The benefit is now you know and you can do something positive about it.

This is important: I was actually in a client’s office and someone had given some bad feedback online and my client was mortified. I said not to worry as this is an opportunity to sell and wrote the reply for her. We apologised and said we were un happy that any client left our business place without being completely satisfied. We offered a refund on his bill and a 50% discount on future visits. He returned every week for over 12 months. He also commented that never before has any one reacted so positively to a complaint before.

If like me when you are looking at testimonials you look for the bad ones, I look to see how the complain was resolved. If the complaint was resolved positively then I know I can do business with these people. Businesses with no bad reviews are not real and known as deleters and often thought of as being untrustworthy

Give your clients the opportunity to give you feedback and recommend you.


Building an online community will increase online sales and engagement by simply connecting with your customers where they are most likely to engage by using interesting and relevant content. Social media is the most effective place to build online communities.

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Selecting the Best SEO Agency

What to Look For When Selecting the Best SEO agency for Your Business Needs

SEO could help many businesses who are looking to raise their online attendance and drive more focused traffic to their sites. Unluckily, SEO industry is not famous for its transparency and this can be confusing for businesses that are in doubt just they will be getting in return for their investment. here are some thing to consider when selecting the best SEO agency for your business:

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The Search engine optimization industry has also attracted a lot of cowboys who use “black-hat” ideas that go against the Google and search engines policies. You should ensure that your SEO company using ethical “White Hat” ideas.

Businesses that without knowing employ a Search engine optimization that uses these ideas may see short terms results until search engine notices the footprints left behind by these ideas, at which point they will see a bad effect on their search engine rankings. Its costs more to undo and to put right than it cost in the first place.

What should your SEO be doing for your business?

It is vital to understand actually what your SEO will be doing for you and how they will offer you with measurable feedbacks. Be wary of any, who provide a guaranteed ranking, it is not possible to guarantee a ranking with Google or any other famous search engine!

Any search engine optimization company who can guarantee results without even understanding which keywords you want to target is using this as a promotion ploy. How could they guarantee results if you want to compete for keywords like Google, Apple or Facebook?

Without doing keyword research it is not easy to tell how likely to winner of an SEO plan will be and how long it is expected to take. Search engine optimization is a continuing process of research analysis and testing. It takes amazing planning to identify the top keywords and to then put a strong strategy in place to rank for those keywords.

On-site and offsite SEO

A best SEO will begin by analysing your website and making recommendations to get better optimize the website for both search engines and users. Off site search engine optimization involves making relevant backlinks from others websites to yours.

Each backlink is calculated by Google as a vote for your website. Sites are given an authority score known as Page Rank. Each time a website links to you it shares quality with you, links from top authority websites shares high authority with you.

Your Business, Your Needs

Your search engine optimization agency should talk with you about your business goals and needs and also try to know as much as they can about your target audience. If they don’t do this then they are probably going to pick keywords that will attract and covert the best audience for your business.

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