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Do you want to be seen and stand out amongst the million plus websites in London? A good SEO expert in London will help you do this and it doesn’t need to be at an extortionate cost.

Effective London SEO will provide a positive return on investment and a positive cash flow after about 3 months. Do you remember when businesses used to advertise in Newspapers and magazines and the yellow pages. The cost was phenomenal.

The principle of online marketing is the same but the costs a lot less. For one thing if you place an advert then in general it is their for ever. This means that your marketing give value every day. if a business writes a new 400 word article every day for the year then at the end of the year there would be 365 adverts / webpages about your business and its products.  Compare that to newspaper advertising which has a shelf life of between a day and a week. To maximise your digital footprint and grow it every week call us.

Our online marketing team provide the following

London SEO service


Ø  Blog Content Writing, Optimization, Posting and Linking

Ø  Blog Pinging

Ø  Blog Directory Submission


Ø  Article Content Writing, Optimization, Posting and Linking

Ø  Article Content Promotions


Ø  Document content Submission

Ø  Document Content Approval Link

Ø  Document Content Promotions

Image Sharing

Ø  Approved Image Sharing and Linking

Social Media 

Ø  Social Bookmarking Submission

Ø  Social Link Sharing

Kapow Digital provide a bespoke website design service for London clients and also an SEO marketing service which targets your website accurately to your niche market and or locality.

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The Best WordPress Web Designers in Leeds

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Just woke up and my brain is busy following yesterday evenings meeting of wordpress Leeds. Some of the best web designers in leeds come together and discuss a whole range of subjects. Tonights presentation was by Sam Miller about designing a theme from scratch. A really great informative presentation pitched at the right level for the audience which ranged from the novice to the expert. Following the presentation, the probing Q & A session with Sam and the obligatory coffee break (with biscuits) we had a general discussion about back ups, useful plugins, bits of code, the value of SEO . It’s a really great event which relocates to the pub afterwards to continue with the passionate discussions.

Details of next months meetings can be found on the presentation will be about content marketing. All are welcome whether you are a blogger front end / back end developer or just passionate about wordpress.

For a free consultation with me about web design or any aspect of digital marketing just pick up the phone and I will arrange an appointment with you.

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Best SEO Company in Leeds

We all want the best but what really defines “the best” of anything? certainly in our opinion the best SEO company in Leeds is one which can produce both effective and sustainable results whilst generating a positive ROCE. There is no point having your website highly ranked in the search engines for a few weeks then being penalised by google and unranked for 3 months whilst you restart the process. So the best SEO has to be sustainable and the strength of your domain should be growing month on month. Google analytics can show the increase in impressions and clicks.

SEO is a Partnership

There is one thing that must be mentioned is that SEO is a partnership between the SEO company and the client. There is quite a lot of importance attached to social media that the client needs to focus on this area. The agency can do this but is sometimes difficult to find the correct “voice” of the business where mood and often technical jargon is used.

The search engines thrive on fresh content the Search Engine Optimization Company can deliver this, but it is always better to have quality relevant content from the client. A 500 word blog post every week / fortnight is an amazing benefit to any SEO agency. A “how to” video is even better. A website is something which should evolve over time, showcasing new products or services or new team members and follow the companies path through time.

So the best Leeds SEO Company is one where the SEO company is able to work closely with the client in a collaborative manner. making suggestions as and when necessary. Like all things in business it is the relationship that counts.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and accessible at all times. We are happy to attend meeting at our clients convenience. Should you wish for a quotation for our Leeds SEO services than we would be please to discuss our range of services and affordable fees.


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