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SEO or Search Engine Optimization for every business

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation for people who are tecchies and/or tecchie dummies, but have a business concept which will make them millions. Let’s start with why we are reading this and head South from there.

  1. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a very popular concept and one that must be fully understood before you can even begin to order your Bugatti Veyron, a massage from Jeremy Clarkson, or the “Unlimited Delivery” account from Dominos.
  2. Once you have conceived this remarkable product and drafted the superb design of your world-beating website, you may need to consider SEO. This is how you will keep your website live and interesting to people to whom you are not related and you haven’t borrowed money from.
  3. The various Search Engines – Google, Safari, Internet Explorer and sundry others, have developed what they call “Algorithms”, from the Greek for “Pain and Movement”. What this means is that your pain will result in a movement which the Search Engines will detect. Writing this is certainly convincing me that this is not simply a poor excuse for comedy on a very serious subject.
  4. Search Engines are designed to explore in a mechanical way all the content which you present on your website. Optimising the content is simply a way of shortening the odds on your website reaching the other person who is trying to find you.
  5. There are a few things that you can do to shorten these odds and thus narrow the gap between yourself and the other guy and this requires you to look again at your product and consider the following components. So here’s the dummies guide to SEO, Search Engine Optimisation:

a) Words – make sure that your content is relevant, if not then people will leave your website and you will experience a high bounce rate. This is indicative to Google that your website is not relevant tot he search term used to find your site.  Carefully choose your keywords for each page and write accordingly and don’t deviate.

b) Titles – find a title that both describes what you want to say and may be popular. I’m told that anything to do with “Cats” is good, or “Kim Kardashian’s Bottom” for that matter as popular as these subjects are if they are nothing to do with your article then don’t try  to weave either, or both of these, into a blog on the archeology of Sotwell-cum-Brightwell, with reference to Early Saxon Settlements. Readers will be very disappointed for sure. Be specific and relevant to your audience. Target and embrace your niche.

c) Lonks…sorry, Links are crucial. The German for left is also links, so you have to get this recht, sorry, right. The “Painful Movements”, (Algorithms), can detect links  from your content to the website some other person has dared to expose to the World Wide Web. You are never alone….but you will be if you don’t get some understanding of the rest of the people who are doing the same thing. Key words need to be hammered, I said hammered, home to get SEO salivating.

d) Words in Lonks…..sorry, Links. See a) and c) above. 

e) Reputation – which is to do with not being caught manipulating SEO by driving all your family and creditors to your own website by setting up a dozen or so of your own, which are about as much use as the original. Amazingly, and in spite of frequent attempts to subvert the medium, the World Wide Web has a rather enduring integrity. Fraud will be caught, and users are not all as stupid as they can often appear to be. If you get caught in such a crass attempt to manipulate SEO you will be caught and sanctioned.

Anybody in business with an eye towards the future growth of their business attracting a steady stream of potential customers to your website needs to consider a broad marketing strategy. What ever your business where you want to attract a wider audience to your products and services SEO is the best long term solution to becoming visible – take the test drive now!

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